Standalone Smart Voice Logger

VT210 smart voice logger is equipped with a colour touch screen, high-quality speaker, microphone and network port. Single device support up to 2 recording channels. it can record telephone calls and also can be used as an answering machine when being powered on. Directly clicking the touch screen, users can monitor telephone status, record all in and out calls, leave messages, search and play the recorded files and set the device parameters. Computer is not needed to connect with the recorder. It is a small size of network telephone voice management system targeted for commercial and residence.


System Features

  • Embedded structure, does not need to connect computer to record, only connect power to work.

  • Automatically record the incoming and out call, unanswered call number, duration, conversation and so on.

  • Hardware 8 times compression to store the data up to 1100 hours with 8GB SD Card.

  • Real time monitor all channelís status, in and out call number, duration.

  • Search all recorded files by conditions, play back, add remarks.

  • Optional software interface for external admin management